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Salt Lake Power Yoga is Utah’s premier local yoga studio and training center, offering world-class mind-body programs. Salt Lake Power Yoga program facilitators are specially trained to work with your employees to enhance wellness, decrease job-related stress and improve overall productivity and performance. Our mind-body programs are uniquely tailored to the time and topic of each client, using the modalities of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and personal development to support healthy nutrition, relaxation, and build greater employee self-confidence and interpersonal skills. Our sequencing of yoga postures for corporate venues is structured to get tired office bodies moving and your employees’ blood flowing so they feel refreshed, renewed and re-energized, ready to get back to work and take on new challenges. Your employees’ time with us at your office will increase their mental clarity, relieve work-induced fatigue and open them up to new possibilities for health and wellness. Let us help you develop and further your culture of employee engagement and excellence.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

Increase employee loyalty, productivity, health, and wellness by offering your employees a personalized Salt Lake Power Yoga embodied learning in-house experience. Specific benefits include:

  • Offset longer work hours with an onsite amenity that makes the office more inviting and welcoming.
  • Provide employees with an opportunity for a balanced life without having to leave the workplace.
  • Increases productivity, reduce time-consuming and costly employee errors and eliminate reactive decision-making.
  • Increases employee morale and health, reducing medical absences that can lead to higher health insurance costs and lost corporate revenue.
  • Creates greater collaborative, team-building relationships.

We customize our programs and services to meet your unique needs. Contact us to arrange for a personal conversation about how our embodied learning tools can help cultivate greater balance, ease and peace of mind for your leadership and workforce.


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