PowerFlow | 75 Minutes

This class is taught by:

Misty Medina

Misty’s first love for fitness was running. In her youth she ran track and cross country, and used it to manage stress throughout college. She began practicing yoga in her mid-twenties, which enabled to cut her marathon time substantially. Her yoga practice took her body to a new level of performance and in 2012, she qualified for the Boston Marathon.
Running had introduced Yoga to Misty, forever changing her path. In 2012, she took Baron Baptiste’s level  yoga teacher training, and in 2013, she completed level . She has since assisted and co-lead over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training at Salt Lake Power Yoga. In 2017, she attended an ICF rated, IPEC coaching program and became a certified professional coach.
Misty continues to fulfill her sense of purpose and passion by teaching classes and co-facilitating yoga teacher trainings at Salt Lake Power Yoga. She is committed to partnering with people to create sustainable, inward joy through the powers of a consistent yoga practice and mindful life coaching.


Jillian Simpson

It was a few years ago now that yoga made it's way into my life right after graduating from the U of U. This is when I started working at lululemon athletica with some incredible people who led me to Salt Lake Power Yoga's front steps. The first time I walked in, I knew something powerful was going to take place. I learned that true health is not only attained by strengthening the physical body, but by focusing on the mind and soul as well. Yoga was my ticket there.

In the summer of 2013 I enrolled in my first 30-day challenge, and this is when I started to feel a "shift". From there, I immersed myself even deeper by taking the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and my mindset, body, and soul completely changed in a matter of a months. I learned so much about the practice, my community, and myself; that I feel humbled thinking back on my experience now.

I share and lead because of what yoga has done for me. If I could give someone even an ounce back of the shift I received from the practice, I've fulfilled something great in this world. With a full heart and an open mind, today I'm continually growing in my practice and my teaching. I honestly know I'd still be so lost without the practice in my life, and for that I'm ever so grateful. As an ever evolving student, I hold patience, focus, and love for my community as yoga continues to shape me in my journey.

Sarah Farr

I have been an avid athlete all my life. First competing in high school sports, then finding running, weight training, and mountain biking as an adult. I added yoga to my excercise routine as a way to get relief from running and biking injuries. I found that the spiritual benefits of yoga were equally as beneficial as the physicality of the practice.

I am a certified Level I Baptiste Instructor, having completed my Level I training in 2012. My own personal growth in yoga has inspired me to share my practice through teaching.

When not on my mat, I can be found carpooling to school, soccer, or T-ball with my 2 beautiful kids or spending time with my amazing husband, Robb.

Nick Vought

I have been fitness oriented since I was little, whether it was playing sports, running, snowboarding, biking, I loved being active. Growing up in Park City, I played football and ran track in high school. I played football at Utah State University from 2009 to 2011. I have always enjoyed working out with the challenges and results it's brought me, and that's all I really knew.

In 2013 my mom started working for a company called Baptiste yoga. At the time I didn't really know anything about it. I thought yoga was this thing that people went to become more flexible. I had never taken a yoga class before in my life, and eventually my mom got me to go to my first class with her. It was a hot power flow class similar to SLPY and at the end of it I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion. Before this class if you were to tell me that a yoga class could be as physically intense as the workouts I did in college I would have laughed at the idea.

After taking my first class I was hooked, I wanted to be like those yoga masters on Instagram who do the crazy inversions and advanced poses. I am a very competitive person by nature and in classes I was always competing with the person on the mat beside me. Starting my yoga journey I looked at yoga as this great work out that not only builded strength but flexibility at the same time. It wasn't until my first teacher training in 2014 that I came to realize yoga was so much more then that. That teacher training opened me up to this whole new muscle I had never payed attention to, which was literally right between my eyes. I began learning about the philosophy of yoga and what a yoga practice truly meant. Yoga became this vessel for me to not only stay healthy physically, but mentally as well. I never really saw myself teaching, but after my first training I craved it even more. With an open mind I went to my level 2 training the following year in 2015. I learned that these comfort zones we limit ourselves to can be stepped out of to do the things we have always wanted to, and that we've just been too afraid or not ready to do them before.

Yoga for me has now transformed into a time I can develop and work on finding my true north and becoming that person I've always wanted to be. My goal as a teacher is to try and give my students the same life changing experience I had with yoga, and help them discover the limitless potential yoga can bring to their day to day lives.

Carly Brooke Snow

I have practiced yoga for well over a decade. With my athletic background, I gravitated to yoga to satisfy some deep physical needs and in the midst of doing so, I discovered an exercise that embraced the beauty of difference and strength in a safe and non-competitive atmosphere.

The practice was intimately and rapidly evolving as a means to tap more deeply into my truth while making amends with the most important relationship there is, the relationship within my soul. We all encounter trauma in different ways and on many levels. Living what we learn of who we are on the mat and then taking our identity off the mat is where the ultimate practice for me has been experienced. I have participated in several yoga and Pilates trainings over many years and forever plan to expand my knowledge of life so I can continue to love and participate as free and open as I desire. For me, there is no limit, so that's where I intend to direct my passion for life.

When away from my mat practice and teaching, you can find me playing with my doggies and connecting with my infinite soulmate, Chris Snow. I am passionate about hiking, teaching and practicing Pilates, rock climbing, skiing, jogging, reading, cooking and spending time with friends and family. I promise to always share my deep connection of the mind, body and soul with as many individuals as possible. If you come to my class, you'll see I portray a combo of spunk and play while holding an intense, intimate passion that comes through in deep and thoughtful meditation. Together we can learn to love the comfort and discomfort equally while cushioning our minds with a stable pillow to soften around any struggle. I say, Smile and be beautiful, because you are.


All levels 75 minute SLPY Flow®.

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