PowerFlow | 60 Minutes with Music!

This class is taught by:

Jillian Simpson

It was a few years ago now that yoga made it's way into my life right after graduating from the U of U. This is when I started working at lululemon athletica with some incredible people who led me to Salt Lake Power Yoga's front steps. The first time I walked in, I knew something powerful was going to take place. I learned that true health is not only attained by strengthening the physical body, but by focusing on the mind and soul as well. Yoga was my ticket there.

In the summer of 2013 I enrolled in my first 30-day challenge, and this is when I started to feel a "shift". From there, I immersed myself even deeper by taking the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and my mindset, body, and soul completely changed in a matter of a months. I learned so much about the practice, my community, and myself; that I feel humbled thinking back on my experience now.

I share and lead because of what yoga has done for me. If I could give someone even an ounce back of the shift I received from the practice, I've fulfilled something great in this world. With a full heart and an open mind, today I'm continually growing in my practice and my teaching. I honestly know I'd still be so lost without the practice in my life, and for that I'm ever so grateful. As an ever evolving student, I hold patience, focus, and love for my community as yoga continues to shape me in my journey.

Misty Medina

Misty’s first love for fitness was running. In her youth she ran track and cross country, and used it to manage stress throughout college. She began practicing yoga in her mid-twenties, which enabled to cut her marathon time substantially. Her yoga practice took her body to a new level of performance and in 2012, she qualified for the Boston Marathon.
Running had introduced Yoga to Misty, forever changing her path. In 2012, she took Baron Baptiste’s level  yoga teacher training, and in 2013, she completed level . She has since assisted and co-lead over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training at Salt Lake Power Yoga. In 2017, she attended an ICF rated, IPEC coaching program and became a certified professional coach.
Misty continues to fulfill her sense of purpose and passion by teaching classes and co-facilitating yoga teacher trainings at Salt Lake Power Yoga. She is committed to partnering with people to create sustainable, inward joy through the powers of a consistent yoga practice and mindful life coaching.


Marc Weinreich

I started practicing and teaching yoga years ago in Boston. When I moved to Salt Lake City in 2009, I missed going to a studio that valued building friendships as much as delivering a physically challenging heated vinyasa workout. In the winter of 2011, my now friend and SLPY Co-Founder, Jen Reuben, found me online as a certified power vinyasa yoga teacher living in Utah. The next thing we knew, SLPY took flight, which we formally opened October 1, 2012. Jen and I have been blessed with an extraordinary staff, an ever-expanding team of world-class teachers and a Studio Director of unrivalled expertise in the world of fitness, yoga and business. I’ve made many good and close friends at SLPY, and remain constantly grateful for Jen’s own pioneering spirit that led her to me.

In addition to co-founding, guiding and periodically teaching at SLPY, professionally, I am also honored to serve government, industry and communities as a court-appointed environmental response trustee. At the request of the United States (USDOJ and USEPA) and more than 23 states, Greenfield Environmental Trust Group (a company that I co-own with a Boston-based partner) takes title to hundreds of our countries most contaminated hazardous waste sites nationwide. Working in close collaboration with federal and state partners, industry and communities, Greenfield cleans-up areas of the planet that have been decimated by past, historic industrial practices and returns them to productive economic use for present and future generations in a manner protective of human health and the environment. I have been serving in a trust capacity since 1989, starting with our first appointment as trustee of the Industri-Plex Federal Superfund Site in Woburn, MA, which became the subject of the best-selling book and movie, “A Civil Action.”

SLPY is empty space—without you. Risk introducing yourself to the stranger on the mat next to you, and watch what may happen. That is all it takes to begin to feel connected and a vibrant part of our caring and relationship-based SLPY commUnity.

Kendall Banks

I discovered yoga in high school, and I instantly fell in love with the physical and spiritual practice as well as the unwavering sense of community. At 18, I traveled to the Catskill Mountains in NY for an intensive week of Level 1 Baptiste yoga training. In 2014, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sid Yoga in Towson, MD; Baptiste Art of Assisting in Lancaster, PA; and Baptiste Level 2 in Sedona, AZ. These trainings offered me an unprecedented opportunity for self-exploration and growth.

As a teacher, I lead from empathy, service, and, of course, some humor and lightness :) I keep it real with how challenging it can be to stay human in today's world, and I empower others to stand in their power and recognize their own humanity and that of others. I firmly believe that we must heal and love ourselves before we are able to hold space and be of service to others.

I grew up in the D.C. area and studied Justice and Peace at Georgetown University. I served the greater D.C. community as a volunteer and intern for many non-profits and taught yoga to underserved children through the organization, YoKid. In May of 2016, I moved to Salt Lake City to pursue a job at the International Rescue Committee. Within the first month of living in SLC, I discovered Salt Lake Power Yoga and have been hooked since. The SLPY Tribe has become my Utah family, and I am grateful every day to be able to experience and share what I love with this inspiring and welcoming community.

In addition to living and breathing yoga, I love to travel with my family and friends, hike and ski in the mountains, cook delicious vegan dishes, and listen to live music!

I look forwarding to seeing you on your mat soon!

Karlee Justice

I came to my first Baptiste style yoga class in 2011 after growing tired of my regular exercise routine and with the strong encouragement from a close friend. Through the vigorous practice, I had found the physical challenge that I was looking for and became hooked immediately. Prior to yoga, my regular exercise background mainly consisted of an “in your face” CrossFit style daily workout along with a grueling and time-consuming high impact cardio regimen. I was essentially wearing myself out. With my yoga practice I have learned to listen to my body as much as my heart and my heart as much as my head, and to not take myself too seriously when I’m on (and off) my mat. I have found peace and quiet in my mind, a place away from all the chatter…something I had never been able to find before. I see all of the positive changes slowly taking place in my life and I just cannot stop myself from spreading the word and sharing it with everyone.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, my classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with SLPY in November, 2013 and am so excited to be a part of the SLPY instructor staff. I feel extremely grateful to the entire SLPY team for giving a part of themselves in every class and for creating such a supportive and loving community at our studio.

Outside of yoga, I am a registered dental hygienist. Off my mat and when I’m not telling people to floss I try to spend as much time possible outdoors with my dogs. I am blessed with a large community of amazing friends and family who keep my cup full. I’m also a huge fan of live music and a sucker for small venues.

Keep doing yoga. Get out of your own way. Enjoy life. Smile.

Breathe. I’ll see you on your mat!

All levels 60 minute SLPY Flow® with Music!

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