The first 100 hour segment of our 200 hour teacher training curriculum deepens your personal practice, expanding your experience of asana, practice teaching, meditation, and self-discovery as the first step to becoming a confident and capable yoga teacher. Trainees are empowered to be leaders and co-collaborators of their experience. Expect to actively reach for new discoveries, insights, and breakthroughs.

Participants are asked to be authentic, relatable, teachable and open with yourself and others to develop great courage, love, and inspiration. You will learn to ground, center, and clear your own mind and heart so that you are 100% available to serve your students. You will get practical sequencing and teacher tips that will set you apart as a well-trained teacher.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Level 1 Fall 2017
September 16,17
September 23,24
September 30, October 1
October 7,8





 2017 Dates Coming Soon


Assistants connect students to their practice, their purpose, and land what the teacher is saying and what is happening in your body on your mat.

SLPY Assistant Training Program is an immersive weekend where you will explore concrete tools for making yoga accessible to ANY body in ANY class. You will experience an awakening of your own physicality through an experiential exploration of human anatomy, the key principles of muscular movement and the foundational stability of bones and joints, while discovering the pillars and principles of SLPY assisting. Learn how to read body posture, energy, and muscular holding patterns, empowering you to deliver the one assist that will make the most profound difference, each and every time.

Trust, confidence, and intuition are the trademarks of masterful assisting; in order to connect and contribute to another, you must first learn to connect and contribute to yourself. Self and group inquiry work will open up advanced levels of communication and ability to listen and read body language.  Most importantly, you will connect with a commUNITY of leaders and leaders-in-training that are impacting the world in powerful and positive ways. 





Salt Lake City, Utah

Level 2 Fall 2017

October 21,22

November 4,5
November 18,19
December 2,3


In Level II, learn the secrets of what makes great teachers great. Master the most effective teaching tools and techniques to show up vibrant, energetic, and ready for every student, every class, every time. With a community of powerfully invested individuals, explore what makes you unique. You will discover that special spark that sets you apart as a teacher, learn to expand into your own greatness, and attract the students you love to teach! You will leave this training enriched, empowered, and totally inspired. Your inner radiance will glow bright and you will experience a new level of attraction. Your classes will fill up, your opportunities to teach will expand, and new, unimaginable possibilities to contribute to the world will appear. With a community of powerfully invested individuals, explore what makes you unique. You will discover that special spark that sets you apart as a teacher, learn to expand into your own greatness, and attract the students you love to teach!







Level 3 Power Yoga Teacher Training Immersion is an 8-day intensive program with 20 hours of additional self work due outside the immersion. 

Expect early mornings, ample breaks, and balance between focused engagement and rejuvenating free time.

Level 3 will build upon the bodies of work introduced in the 200 hour training, and begin to teach you how to lead self inquiry, meditation, and practice teaching.   You will learn not only the deepest and most personally powerful new tools in self discovery through asana, inquiry, and meditation, and also, how to lead this type of work yourself.  This program is for those humans committed to creating a positive legacy on the planet, dedicated to continual self discovery, and passionate about paying it forward and sharing the love.



This convenient, 12-week course is the most comprehensive and affordable meditation teacher certificate currently available to secular teachers, ANYWHERE! Grow your own compassion, focus, peace and wisdom. The benefits of meditation - from enhancing emotional and physical health, to slowing the aging process - have boosted the business of meditation into a $1 Billion industry! Will one of the 14,000 Meditation Teacher jobs on LinkedIn be yours?

The Dharana Method includes many forms of meditation, including Mantra, walking, visual and sound meditation - just to name a few! Students will develop a regular meditation practice; learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will be able to recite meditation history, including prominent gurus and their teachings. Students will also learn to observe and reframe their own negative emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with theirs. Students will then learn elements of a healthy, low-stress lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as implement them in their own lives. Students will also memorize mantras, chakras and tenets of Ayurveda so that they may be able to give future clients comprehensive tools for sustainable peace and happiness.

This Course Satisfies 13 Contact Hours, 87 Non-Contact Hours, of your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements!

Fall session meets Wednesdays (in-person or online)

7 - 8:15 am

Aug. 23 - Nov. 8, 2017

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