Jen Reuben, Co-Owner and Yoga Teacher at Salt Lake Power Yoga

Mindy Van Dyke

Yoga Teacher

I have always been a fitness freak! I LOVE it! I danced my whole life through high school, and have continued to dance for fun since. Shortly after graduating, Ireceived my Cosmetology license and have done hair and nails for almost 10 years, but always had a desire for teaching some kind of fitness class. I was always looking up new fun fitness challenges and slowly started concentrating on what I put into my body for fuel. I loved looking up articles on the new “it” workout to try and loved trying new and healthy recipes. I heavily focused on my own personal Fitness & Wellness goals, as well as helping others reach their own through personal training. I am all about pushing my own mental and physical boundaries and hope to inspire others to push themselves the same way.

A little over a year ago, I decided it was time for me to take the plunge and googled fitness classes I could get into teaching. One of the top trainings I found was the Power Sculpt Training with Salt Lake Power Yoga. I had never been to the studio before that, but decided to give it a go and attempted my first Power Sculpt Class with Parinaz. I had no idea what I was in for, but by the end of that class I was exhausted and dripping sweat and wanted more! I was hooked! I called the studio the next day and decided to sign up for the training. I just knew I was meant to do it! I killed myself through the training, but was Certified in April 2016. I have a firm belief in the physical & Mental outcomes of my classes. Power Sculpt pushes me on so many levels and that’s what I love about it! Challenging my self is very rewarding both physically and mentally.

Following that certification I got certified in Barre fitness as well for my love of dance. Pushing myself through both of these trainings in less than a year was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. I am honored and blessed to say that I made it through! My teaching style is powerful, challenging, fun and energetic, with the occasional laugh!! I love teaching and hope you can feel that passion in my AMAZING kick your butt classes. SLPY is an amazing community and was so open to me joining them. I am so grateful to them for being so accepting of me and for all of the wonderful friends I have met here!

When I’m away from my mat and barre, I love to spend time with my sweet husband and my beautiful daughter. We love catching movies, and doing anything fun out in the sun! We are UTE fans all the way and have a passion for Pizza!!

You CAN do it! Mind over matter!

Come sweat it out! Peace!


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