SLPY grew from a simple premise:​ many of the imbalances in our minds, bodies and spirits are caused by the stressors of everyday life, unresolved energetic and emotional wounds, and an innocent disregard to the subtle language of our bodies . Our team of experienced teachers and guides are personally and professionally committed to delivering physically challenging and powerful embodied experiences that are structured to engage your heart, mind and body--from the crown of your head to the little toes on your feet.  In so doing, you will awaken to the innate intelligence and language of your own body and be positioned to take charge of your life and the integration of experiences that may have left you afloat and feeling divided.

Our classes are safe, powerful and transformative, We provide and encourage modifications for everybody and every body--no matter your weight, size, flexibility, strength, religion, age or endurance level.  At some point in your time with us, your awareness will broaden to recognize that whether a class is filled with ease or  challenge depends on your own personal choice-based decisions.  Transported off your mat and into everyday relationships, this lived clarity will open you up to new possibilities for influencing your present and future life experiences and events. 

Community Classes are classes taught by our newbie instructors that have finished our formal SLPY Yoga Teacher Training. All levels classes offered at just $7. Feel free to ask them about the impact our training had on their life goals and choices.
You choose the ARTIST. Unedited & RAW, dirty Hip Hop. Come throw down with us every Friday Eve.


"Parental Advisory | Explicit Content Probable"

Yoga for kids while you are practicing! For children ages 3 years and above. This class is taught by one of our amazing kid yoga instructors, and is frequently led by our own Julie Jahp. Julie has been a pre-school teacher for over 15 years, and realized the benefits of teaching yoga to 3-5 year olds. She holds a 200-hour YogaKids Certification and a 1000-hour Inbody Yoga Therapy Certification. She is passionate about helping children connect mind and body and to experience a natural state of fitness, fun and feeling exhuberant. Her emphasis is on educating the whole child using yoga as a pathway for healthy development. See her bio here: Parents must be practicing as the same time (in PowerHouse).   
Explore our PowerFlow yoga at a slower pace. This class breaksdown our classic SLPY Flow® while focusing on essential principles of an evolving practice, such as breath awareness and structural alignment. All levels encouraged!
All levels 45 minute SLPY Flow®. Perfect for your lunchbreak!
All levels 45 minute SLPY Flow® with music. Perfect for your lunchbreak!
All levels 60 minute SLPY Flow® .
All levels 60 minute SLPY Flow® with Music!
All levels 75 minute SLPY Flow®.
All levels 75 minute SLPY Flow® with Music!
Put your hands up!! This 75 minute SLPY Flow® class is unique on the schedule.  The music is pumping and the movements thumpin. Think Yoga-Fun Fusion.
Benefits beginners, those with stiffer bodies as well as long-term practitioners. Find the softer side of your practice with PowerRestore. These gentle asanas are designed to soften tension and soothe your body to a state of blissful nirvana.
Power Sculpt is a variation of the SLPY Flow® that incorporates free weights. This class has the ability to help sculpt your yoga body into its best and most muscular and cardio capable form. A muscle-fatiguer’s paradise!
Find the soft balance between power and yin designed to help you reset, restart and rejuvenate.