#BroadwayBuzz SLC Feature: the big O doughnuts

the big O doughnuts
By: Jessica Curzon // July 28, 2016

"I have been working as a nurse for 15 years and I have two daughters, 18 & 16 years old. My oldest daughter is very strictly vegan, whereas my younger daughter and I border on vegetarian. We were driving downtown about a year and a half ago when she was craving a doughnut, but there were no vegan options in Salt Lake. At that moment we just looked at each other and said, “That should be a thing and we should do it!”

I had taken a new management role and I was very unhappy. That unhappy place can drive you to find your passion and follow it because you HAVE to which is what compelled me to step back and focus on baking. I’ve kind of always had an entrepreneurial spirit. A few years ago I started making chocolate on my own for a bit. So the combination of all of that drove me to commit to “yes” when we had our moment of epiphany together.

We started making doughnuts in our house every day! I had never been a baker so we had to play around with recipes to get it right. We are a totally vegan gourmet doughnut shop. We sometimes find that the word "vegan" can scare people away, so we don't really push that aspect of it. We refer to our creations as being 100% plant-based. Our doughnuts are yeast raised, made in small batches completely by hand. We use fresh fruits, nuts and all natural flavors for our glazes.

Our start was at the International Peace Gardens, after renting a commercial kitchen. The vegan community was amazing, and really supported us. At the end of the summer I thought we might be done, but Sugarhouse Coffee picked us up and I decided to step back into my previous nursing position so that I could be more flexible and bake three or four days a week, instead of just one. I had no actual food business experience and it has been an exciting process of getting great people to help with things. It has been a steep learning curve, and it feels like we’re building the airplane as we’re flying some times!

The Broadway community has been so amazing at offering support as soon as we opened. It really does feel like these are people that are on a similar path and believe in the passion of an entrepreneur. I wake
up every day and am driven to continue doing what we’ve started. I’m working harder than I ever have. It's invaluable to meet other small business owners and entrepreneurs who have shared the feelings of being exposed – financially and personally – because you are throwing yourself into a business. I've found an incredibly supportive community here."

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