#BroadwayBuzz SLC Feature: Fellow.Shop

By: Hannah Montgomery // July 8, 2016
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"I grew up in Salt Lake City, and though I’ve left a couple of times, I always end up back here. Opening a shop has been a dream of mine since I was kid. As a teen I’d shop on Broadway—there was a shop that sold comics and magazines and the girl who owned it would sit out front in the sun. I thought “That is the dream—I’m going to own a shop on this street and sit out front whenever I want!” A decade later and it’s real for me!

I first opened the Summer of 2015 in a Victorian house across from Trolley Square, in a room across from Uintah Standard. I’ll always be so grateful to Heather, the owner of Uintah, for nudging me to get started. We eventually both got the itch for a location with more action, and decided to co-op the space we have now on Broadway in November of ’15. We have loved it every day since. Right now it’s just the two of us working in the store, and it’s pretty great to know that your “employee” is actually a partner who is as invested in the business as you are.

By far the best part about owning a business in Salt Lake is being a swatch in the proverbial quilt of the city’s local market. We have so many beautiful locally owned restaurants and bars, and I feel like the retail market is regaining momentum. Especially on Broadway, we’ve got such a great community. People watch out for each other, care about how business is doing.

People have asked where the name “Fellow Shop” came from, and to be honest, I just liked the way the word “Fellow” rolled off the tongue. It’s convenient that it also happens to embody what the company is about—comradery among makers. My favorite part of it all—what drives me—are the items I bring in that have a story, or that are so obviously made with care. Handmade things just have an inherent passion in them. You can feel it when you wear or use them.

I hope that Fellow Shop can hold space for the beauty of small business. I think the shopping experience should feel relaxed yet exciting. I want people to come inside and slowly enjoy smelling the candles, touching the fabric, holding a hand-thrown mug in their palm. And to know that their purchase supports both artisans and a local gal with a dream!

A couple of my favorite customers are a mother and daughter. They come in together and sometimes will end up buying the same T-shirt. That feels like such a jackpot as a buyer, having people of different generations being able to each find something they love here."

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