#BroadwayBuzz SLC Feature: Vive Juicery

Vive Juicery
By: Brittany Shimmin // July 1, 2016
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"I was born and raised right here in Salt Lake City Utah. I grew  in the Midvale area and moved to SLC three weeks after graduating high school. I’ve always really loved that we have this hustle and bustle of a city but it still feels like a small town. Everyone knows everyone and it anchors this idea of I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than a tiny guppy in an ocean. I felt like Salt Lake was the perfect place to make an impact on the community and then with the farmer’s market, I really fell in love with local food. I wanted to find a way that I could support the local food movement in a way that was creative and diverse so juice came to be.

Coming up on our 3 year anniversary this August, I’ve been reflecting on our many great collaborations. We partnered with Craft Lake City for their youth workshops where I was able to go into an underserved  school to teach them about juicing and vegetables. Brianne, my go to for everything, recently did a similar one with Lindsey LaPaugh of Wellness Gypsy.  SLPY was a huge reason we wanted to be on Broadway – like minded businesses creating their place downtown.

Vive grew out of many places. I grew up on fast food, frozen pizzas, Hot Pockets and that is just how my parents raised me. After leaving college on the first day, I started a job at Massage Envy which spurred my curiosity into holistic living and healthy eating diets. The thing that really stuck was fresh vegetables. I quickly found that what worked best for my body was flooding it with nutrient rich veggies. During a trip to San Francisco I noticed the popping up of juice bars everywhere with locally sourced fruits and veggies from their farmer’s markets. I always knew I wanted to run my own business and for so long I thought it was a coffee shop. It was walking through the farmer's market that I had an epiphany, 'Holy Shit, this is what food is supposed to be like.' It all just clicked, it’s not coffee I’m meant to do, it’s JUICE!

Community is 100% the best part of having a business downtown. We continue to ask our selves what is really possible? My goal is to have Vive Juicery be a Salt Lake City staple as we’re experiencing this expansive growth as a city.

Salt lake is unique in that we are able to make such an impact on and for each other as business collaborators. In bigger cities that when you have competing businesses  there is this feeling that there is not enough to go around. I think that Salt Lake takes that approach of “When I succeed, it makes you succeed as well.” When we can all provide amazing products and services that are local, it encourages the customers to continue to shop local. It is a completely different consumer experience than you get with your chains and you big box stores; people really are able to experience the authenticity and love behind it, which I think makes all the difference."

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