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Dara Modern

By: Dustin Matinkhah // June 23, 2016
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"I was raised in Salt Lake City, and as much as I have loved living out of state, I always return home. I think it’s because I see something blossoming here that’s been building for some time: a cultural resurgence. Heightened diversity. Growth. Some people may think of log cabins and mountain décor and kitsch when they think of Utah, but that’s just not the case anymore. 

In my eyes, Dara Modern reflects Utah’s blossoming cultural maturity by providing options for those looking for something sleek, chic, or unique for their homes. At Dara you will rarely find something another company sells; it’s quite difficult to find high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces in a state full of big box stores, and my aim is to give the opportunity of modern home expression to the people of Utah—people who may have otherwise had to order online or even travel out of state in the past, or even those wanting to simply find something cool for their household.

Finding unique items is what I love! Everyone needs a spoon and a ladle, why not have it feel like an art piece as opposed just to any other knife set? I named the company after myself (my middle name) because I never want to lose touch of the personal side of business—what I offer is essentially a part of me. I have a degree in Business Management and Marketing, and it’s important that I can maintain a connection to community, which is part of why I love being on Broadway so much. Let's create your perfect vision, together."

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