#SLPY40Days // Week 6 // Triumph // Be Still and Know that the Whole is the Goal

IMG_4259The Whole is the Goal
By Misty Marie Medina // February 8, 2016

I often find myself paralyzed or hurled in the fast lane in our society of scarcity, instant gratification and quick fixes. In times like this I know I am not integrated, connected or serving my greater goals, dreams or aspirations.  For me I find the most happiness and abundance when I cultivate equanimity and stay anchored in the present moment.

Before I embarked on my yoga journey I would set goals, compartmentalize them and set out to achieve them with tunnel vision. That is exactly what I did in 2010 when I started running marathons. It was all about the miles; meanwhile the rest of my life was disintegrating. After the recession I found myself in a job I hated and was struggling financially. My eating was okay, but not great.  I was in a relationship with a wonderful person, and he simply was not a good fit for me.  My cross training was minimal and stretching and mindfulness were not even in my peripheral vision. Just like my bones in Tadasana, I was seeking realignment. I was hired by an amazing woman to work for 3Form, her name was Stephanie Brock, and she had just relocated here from Boston to revolutionize the project management team at 3Form.  Not only was she the avenue in which I was able to find contentment in my career again, she also introduced me to the wonderful practice we now teach at Salt Lake Power Yoga.  It changed my life. I started going to yoga with her and came to the revelation that I had to incorporate this practice into my next training plan. At the start of 2012 I began training for the Ogden Marathon. I was trying a new training plan that was much more holistic: three days of running, two days of cross training; practicing yoga 2-3 times a week and changing my eating habits. It was very challenging, I was exhausted much of the time and on a rollercoaster of small victories and defeats. I sacrificed time with family, fun social events with friends and cupcakes.....lots of cupcakes.  When I crossed the finish line of the Ogden Marathon at 3:32:17 I knew it was not just the miles; it was the eating, the yoga, the happiness in my career, the support and love from my friends and family. The goal was achieved from the whole.  I was so grateful and filled with joy to finally meet a goal I had put so much work into. I ran Boston in 2013 and was fortunate enough to finish approximately 10 minutes prior to the bombing.

And then what?

Years of blood, sweat and tears entombed in a blue and yellow unicorn metal that hangs on a hook in my bedroom with a bunch of other finisher medals. I started running when I was 12, junior high track and then cross country in High School. For me running was an escape. Running from an abusive Stepfather, searching for commonality with my peers, some structure in life and self-worth. And there it is, the why. My crusade for Boston was a hustle for self-worth, a big check in the achievements category of my life résumé. The experience was invaluable and taught me so much more than I ever expected.

The whole will bring you to your goal AND you already have everything you need to be whole.   With everything you are and everything you are not you are worthy of acceptance, happiness and unconditional love.