From Yogi to You: Nikki Glandon


What are you about?
I’m about being real – you know, showing up from everything you feel. Not coming from an incomplete yes. I had this moment of realization that saying no doesn’t mean I’m a bitch. It’s showing up in a sincere way. Coming from a place of love always and gratitude has been empowering. I’m about my husband, traveling, my friends, my family and doing the work for what you want.

You wake up on a Sunday morning, the first thing you want to do is . . . ?
Roll over and go back to bed! I’m such a morning cuddler. The first thing I want to do is having a moment with my coffee on my back porch. I really enjoy those moments of the sun coming in and realizing I can slow down this morning.

Describe your first yoga experience.
I was a HOTMESS. I was broken hearted. I was in Denver. I remember going and being like I just need to move. I need to move this out. To be honest it was either start going to yoga and figure it out or go to the bar every night. I was destroyed and wanted to numb out. I wanted to go and forget but then I realized it wasn’t a place of forgetting, it was a place of working through. That was kind of a place where I could I can kind of forget I can cry, I can move. It just really started to create this shift for me. I started to become present to my life. 

“Life is what happens when you’re trying to make it happen.”

What does community mean to you?
Community is about uplifting each other. Encouraging each other. Helping each become the best person they show up as.

What’s your guilty food?
I don’t think anything is guilty or off-limits. I don’t even like the word diet when we talk about food. My comfort food is Mac & Cheese from Zoom in Park City.

Nikki 4

Describe your next fantasy yoga retreat
I really want to lead a ski-yoga retreat - a three-day event where we teach women about outdoor backpacking. That is what I love. I love the outdoors and yoga. I have definitely shifted away from the beach ideal. I find myself stopping and saying, “Wait, someone has already done that.” Everyone has already done everything anyway. Put your love into it. Share your perspective of it. There are billions of people in the world.

What are your classes about for you?
My favorite thing to tell students lately, ‘You’re on a mat, in a room by yourself – be there.’ I love kicking people’s asses! I like to go through the work. I love the idea of honoring your body and becoming aware of what’s going on in the class.

What’s next?
My now husband Calan is a river guide and kayaker. Way before I ever knew him on my first trip to Colorado. I saw a cute guy in a jeep with a kayak on his car. I turned to my parents and said, “I’m want to marry a man with a kayak on his roof.” Ten years later I married that man and now our kayaks are in the front yard. Next is our honeymoon in Aruba and seeing what turns up. I adopt the saying Life is what happens when you’re trying to make it happen.