Sonia Godfrey

Sonia Godfrey instructs the following:
  • Moon Babes | Meditation & Moon Phases Series
  • Moon Babes & The Light Tribe | Meditation & Moon Phases Series
    Become a Moon Babe every Wednesday in October! Cosmic Guide Sonia Godfrey leads you in mind-blowing Kundalini meditation, along with exercises in moving energy, releasing negative patterns, and intention-setting - so that peace can be sent to all, and that your inner Goddess may shine!

    BEGINNERS WELCOME! Feminine energies only, please! 

    Bring your mat and a meditation pillow/blanket if you’d like. Wearing white or light colors is suggested as it extends the aura and increases positive energy.


    OCT 11 | Last Quarter Moon in Leo

    Release limiting beliefs. Connect with the heart chakra and the power of joy, romance, affection and recognition

    OCT 18 | New Moon in Libra

    Balance, harmony and beauty. Connect to the lower chakras and you creativity. How to set powerful intentions.

    OCT 25 | First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

    Freedom and self-expression. Connect to your root chakra and improve nervous system function and circulation.



    TIME | 7-9 PM - Please arrive 15 minutes early, so we can start right at 7

    COST | $70 Series/$25 drop-in. MEMBERS $55 Series/$20 drop-in.

    INCLUDED | Activity supplies, refreshments and a gift!

    We hope to see you there!