Tiffany Parry

Tiffany Parry instructs the following:
  • PowerSculpt | 60 Minutes Yoga w/Weights SIGN-UP ONLINE!
  • PowerSculpt is a variation of the SLPY Flow® that incorporates free weights. This class has the ability to help sculpt your yoga body into its best and most muscular and cardio capable form. If you're looking to strengthen your existing power yoga practice this is the class for you! A muscle-fatiguer’s paradise!

  • PowerFlow | 60 Minutes with Music!
  • All levels 60 minute SLPY Flow® with Music!

  • PowerDetox | 75 Minutes w/ Music
  • Put your hands up!! This 75 minute SLPY Flow® class is unique on the schedule. Come join us for a music pumpin', sweat drippin', original hot flow - think Yoga-Fun Fusion.