Marc Weinreich

I started practicing and teaching yoga years ago in Boston. When I moved to Salt Lake City in 2009, I missed going to a studio that valued building friendships as much as delivering a physically challenging heated vinyasa workout. In the winter of 2011, my now friend and SLPY Co-Founder, Jen Reuben, found me online as a certified power vinyasa yoga teacher living in Utah. The next thing we knew, SLPY took flight, which we formally opened October 1, 2012. Jen and I have been blessed with an extraordinary staff, an ever-expanding team of world-class teachers and a Studio Director of unrivalled expertise in the world of fitness, yoga and business. I’ve made many good and close friends at SLPY, and remain constantly grateful for Jen’s own pioneering spirit that led her to me.

In addition to co-founding, guiding and periodically teaching at SLPY, professionally, I am also honored to serve government, industry and communities as a court-appointed environmental response trustee. At the request of the United States (USDOJ and USEPA) and more than 23 states, Greenfield Environmental Trust Group (a company that I co-own with a Boston-based partner) takes title to hundreds of our countries most contaminated hazardous waste sites nationwide. Working in close collaboration with federal and state partners, industry and communities, Greenfield cleans-up areas of the planet that have been decimated by past, historic industrial practices and returns them to productive economic use for present and future generations in a manner protective of human health and the environment. I have been serving in a trust capacity since 1989, starting with our first appointment as trustee of the Industri-Plex Federal Superfund Site in Woburn, MA, which became the subject of the best-selling book and movie, “A Civil Action.”

SLPY is empty space—without you. Risk introducing yourself to the stranger on the mat next to you, and watch what may happen. That is all it takes to begin to feel connected and a vibrant part of our caring and relationship-based SLPY commUnity.

Marc Weinreich instructs the following:
  • A Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to the Multiverse Book Club
  • Join SLPY Co-Founder and former Columbia University Humanities teacher and avid reader/seeker, Marc Weinreich, as we inquire into the Nature of the Multiverse and the Mind.


    This seeker’s book club will explore a range of experiences that have traditionally been called “spiritual.” Our adventure will lead us through a treasure trove of typically unexplored topics from the phenomenon of self-transcendence to the potentially overstated promises of neuroscience and more.


    Bring your thinking caps, munchies, and beverage of choice for group or personal consumption. We will meet the fourth Thursday of every month (with exceptions for holidays) from 6:45 pm to 7:45/8 pm at SLPY.


    Wednesday, October 25th will be our first session. We’ll say hello, get to know each other and briefly discuss a short reading to be emailed to you after on-line signup. The reading list has been prepared by Marc, is guaranteed to forge new neural pathways, and will require purchases through Amazon.


    DATE | October 25, 2017

    TIME | 6:45p

    COST | $5 Donation / FREE for Members