PowerFlow - 75 Minutes with Music!

This class is taught by:

Greg Galloway

My yoga journey began over 6 years ago at the recommendation of my Physical Therapist due to on-going running injuries. My gym offered yoga and I found myself becoming a regular at some of the classes. With some a little bit of “peer pressure” I was persuaded to try another local studio where I found a greater appreciation for yoga. During this same time some friends who were out of state through Facebook posts realized we all had started practicing yoga. One of us made a suggestion to do 30 day yoga challenge, each time we practiced, we posted on Facebook that we had completed that day’s yoga practice holding each other accountable. I thought I was already hooked with a healthy addiction to yoga, but that 30 day challenge sparked my curiosity as I started to see shifts in my life. I began to find ways to learn more about yoga.

Fast forward a few years I found myself on my mat at Salt Lake Power Yoga. The flow and the heated practice felt amazing in my body. At SLPY I found what I was looking for: a practice that challenges me physically, emotionally, and spiritually to find my edge so that I can continue to grow and be more fully present in my life and for the people in my life.

With no real desire to teach, Jen Reuben kept suggesting I consider teaching. With some hesitation I started teaching and completed my Level 1 Baptiste Training in June 2013. My intention for each class is to create a powerful experience through an invigorating practice with movement and breath. My classes are rigorous and fun, working out both body and mind. I am lucky that I get to share my love of yoga and this life-changing practice as an instructor at SLPY. I am continually inspired by our commUNITY here at SLPY and learn from all of you. Hope to see you soon in the studio and on your mat getting your sweat on!

Krissi Green

I first walked through the doors of Salt Lake Power Yoga in November of 2012 with a desire to strengthen my yoga practice and foster my love for movement. I fell in love with the SLPY community and all that the studio offers. I remained faithful to my mat throughout all nine months of my pregnancy in that gloriously heated space and could not wait to return. I had the privilege of completing SLPY’s first teacher training program, graduating in November 2013, and now am enjoying leading others through their own journey of yoga. After all, we are all on our own journey and there is something about rolling out your mat, submitting to the process, and discovering what you have to work with in each class.

Jenn Roney

I grew up a dancer and learned to express my soul through physical movement. I studied physical movement in college and even got my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I moved to Utah to get my Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine and became an Athletic Trainer. I remember having an aversion to yoga and thinking I didn’t “need anyone to show me how to stretch. I was a dancer with an extensive background in anatomy.” I had no idea what I was missing.

When I got sober in 2011, I explored a variety of spiritual tools as part of my recovery program. I read books, practiced meditation, and finally, I tried yoga. Immediately, I was hooked. Yoga seemed to combine my love of fitness, the soul expression through movement, and a spiritual practice like I had never known. It made me feel complete, whole, and new. I was evolving.

During my 200 hours of teacher training at Salt Lake Power Yoga, it became crystal clear that this was my path. I wanted to share what I had learned. I needed to teach—to spread the word. Now, I am a yoga teacher. I inspire and facilitate the evolution of others in mind, body, and soul.

Karlee Justice

I came to my first Baptiste style yoga class in 2011 after growing tired of my regular exercise routine and with the strong encouragement from a close friend. Through the vigorous practice, I had found the physical challenge that I was looking for and became hooked immediately. Prior to yoga, my regular exercise background mainly consisted of an “in your face” CrossFit style daily workout along with a grueling and time-consuming high impact cardio regimen. I was essentially wearing myself out. With my yoga practice I have learned to listen to my body as much as my heart and my heart as much as my head, and to not take myself too seriously when I’m on (and off) my mat. I have found peace and quiet in my mind, a place away from all the chatter…something I had never been able to find before. I see all of the positive changes slowly taking place in my life and I just cannot stop myself from spreading the word and sharing it with everyone.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, my classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with SLPY in November, 2013 and am so excited to be a part of the SLPY instructor staff. I feel extremely grateful to the entire SLPY team for giving a part of themselves in every class and for creating such a supportive and loving community at our studio.

Outside of yoga, I am a registered dental hygienist. Off my mat and when I’m not telling people to floss I try to spend as much time possible outdoors with my dogs. I am blessed with a large community of amazing friends and family who keep my cup full. I’m also a huge fan of live music and a sucker for small venues.

Keep doing yoga. Get out of your own way. Enjoy life. Smile.

Breathe. I’ll see you on your mat!

All levels 75 minute SLPY Flow® with Music!

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