PowerFlow - 60 Minutes

This class is taught by:

Kevin White

I started practicing yoga in 2002. A friend had opened a yoga studio in Cottonwood Heights and needed help with her studio web site. My friend offered to pay me in classes instead of cash which was perfect for me. I had recently started running and being active again after almost ten years of couch surfing. I had never experienced anything like the total mind+body connection offered by yoga. I attended so many classes it probably would have been cheaper for my friend to pay me in cash! The friends I made in that first studio are still some of the closest friends I have today. Yoga was the perfect gift I didn't know I needed. Running is still my first love, nothing connects me more to the world than my feet on a trail but I can't imagine ever not doing yoga. Yoga will be with me long after my running turns to walking.


My yoga practice has evolved and grown with every class and teacher yet the journey never gets old. Every time I practice I feel like it is for the first time. At first I was all about the physical fitness aspects of yoga. Now I love exploring the connections yoga offers me not only inside myself but also to the people around me and the wider world. For a long time teaching felt like a contraction for me, something that would interfere with my connection to my self. There was a time when I think that was true for me. I wasn't ready to let my self out and let other in. My yoga mat was my castle. Now it feels more like a porch or park. I think yoga is as big or as small as we need it to be.


When I am not on my mat I hope I am still practicing yoga. I used to think yoga was the practice and life was the game. Now I don't think there is a difference. Whether I am analyzing the latest batch of data in my job as statistician, crushing it on trail, out with friends or even doing laundry at home I am always practicing. If it is a game, I hope I never win, I hope it never ends.

Greg Galloway

My yoga journey began over 6 years ago at the recommendation of my Physical Therapist due to on-going running injuries. My gym offered yoga and I found myself becoming a regular at some of the classes. With some a little bit of “peer pressure” I was persuaded to try another local studio where I found a greater appreciation for yoga. During this same time some friends who were out of state through Facebook posts realized we all had started practicing yoga. One of us made a suggestion to do 30 day yoga challenge, each time we practiced, we posted on Facebook that we had completed that day’s yoga practice holding each other accountable. I thought I was already hooked with a healthy addiction to yoga, but that 30 day challenge sparked my curiosity as I started to see shifts in my life. I began to find ways to learn more about yoga.

Fast forward a few years I found myself on my mat at Salt Lake Power Yoga. The flow and the heated practice felt amazing in my body. At SLPY I found what I was looking for: a practice that challenges me physically, emotionally, and spiritually to find my edge so that I can continue to grow and be more fully present in my life and for the people in my life.

With no real desire to teach, Jen Reuben kept suggesting I consider teaching. With some hesitation I started teaching and completed my Level 1 Baptiste Training in June 2013. My intention for each class is to create a powerful experience through an invigorating practice with movement and breath. My classes are rigorous and fun, working out both body and mind. I am lucky that I get to share my love of yoga and this life-changing practice as an instructor at SLPY. I am continually inspired by our commUNITY here at SLPY and learn from all of you. Hope to see you soon in the studio and on your mat getting your sweat on!

Parinaz Samimi

Exercise was never my favorite thing to do. Walking was the most energy I was willing to exert and I did it primarily for aesthetic purposes. I disliked discomfort and fatigue and lacked the mental discipline to push myself to new heights.

My appreciation for fitness began in 2007 when I fell in love with Muay Thai Kickboxing. I trained intensely with a four time Muay Thai world champion and thus began my love affair with martial arts. However, I still struggled mentally and had difficulty overcoming my fears of pain and discomfort. My Muay Thai training exposed me to intense cross training with the finest trainers in Salt Lake City where saying “I can’t” would result in being asked to leave the gym. It was then that I finally began breaking out of my shell and understanding the link between physical and mental discipline. I learned that my greatest limitation was my mind and that my body could perform far more than the mind allows. Learning to overcome my fears and mental barriers remains a great challenge. It motivates me to engage in activities where I am faced with pushing myself and exceeding my own expectations. In addition to Muay Thai Kickboxing and cross training I am also passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and ballroom dancing.

My introduction to yoga was in 2006 with the intent of getting a good stretch. I became slightly discouraged because I hated the feeling of blood rushing to my head in down dog and I was the only person who couldn’t do handstands. Yoga didn’t exactly become part of my routine physical activities at that time. I would drop in every now and then when I was too lazy to do anything else and hoped that handstands wouldn’t be included in the class curriculum. It was not until February 2012 that I discovered Baptiste Power Yoga and gained tremendous appreciation for this form of yoga. My initial intent with practicing Baptiste Yoga was for recovery purposes but with time and regular practice, I have been enlightened about the multitude of benefits that I acquire with each practice. I have gained a new awareness of my body, mind, and soul. Every practice stimulates me mentally, challenges me physically, and allows me to excel emotionally. It gives me a sense of empowerment as it allows me to set new goals, become focused, and love myself and my body. Yoga is my time to connect with myself and other amazing individuals. In August 2012 I completed the level 1 teacher training with Baron Baptiste and have acquired new insight into the meaning of yoga. I hope to share my experience with my students and provide them with a source of inspiration.

Joey Alatorre

I first got a taste of yoga when my winter guard choreographer, Sumer Addy, had thrown some fun moves in to our warm-ups. The was a light playfulness within the poses that just felt good to experience. Over the following few years I began to develop a shallow relationship with my mat. It wasn’t until after much time without a regular practice that I stumbled in to this new yoga studio called Salt Lake Power Yoga. Little did I know this place would change my life.

I found an amazing connection to the physical aspects, the quiet spirituality and complete home that was my practice. The constant detoxing, heightened awareness of my body, and invigorated feeling I had post savasana was a drug that I was addicted to. As I began to strengthen my practice I fell in love with the SLPY community. Each and every teacher was genuine in their craft of connecting with students in their studio and bringing them to a place of filled satisfaction. At the simple question of, “Have you thought about taking teacher training.” from studio owner, Jen Reuben, I began my deeper inquiry into my practice. Since then I have completed immersive trainings with Kiersten Mooney, Baron Baptiste, Paige Ellison and taken powerful workshops from Bryan Kest, Seane Corne and Salt Lake’s best.

I am dedicated to the power of connection, breath and playfulness on and off your mat. It is a blessing to have this powerful space to teach and learn from as a commUNITY.

Sarah Farr

I have been an avid athlete all my life. First competing in high school sports, then finding running, weight training, and mountain biking as an adult. I added yoga to my excercise routine as a way to get relief from running and biking injuries. I found that the spiritual benefits of yoga were equally as beneficial as the physicality of the practice.

I am a certified Level I Baptiste Instructor, having completed my Level I training in 2012. My own personal growth in yoga has inspired me to share my practice through teaching.

When not on my mat, I can be found carpooling to school, soccer, or T-ball with my 2 beautiful kids or spending time with my amazing husband, Robb.

Kendall Banks

I discovered yoga during my sophomore year in high school – a particularly difficult time

for me. However, it was my yoga practice and community that helped me persevere and find my authentic way of being. My journey of self-discovery continued as I traveled to Bali and Thailand in the summer of 2012 to expand my understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga. Inspired and confident that yoga would be my way of life, I soon sought another opportunity to grow. At 18 and as the youngest of nearly 200 trainees from all over the world, I travelled to the Catskill Mountains in NY for an intensive week of Level 1 Baptiste yoga training. Within this powerful community, I cultivated friendships for a lifetime and developed a constant thirst for deepening my physical, educational, and spiritual practice of life.

In 2014, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sid Yoga in Towson, MD, Baptiste Art of Assisting in Lancaster, PA, and Baptiste Level 2 in Sedona, AZ. These trainings offered me an unprecedented opportunity for self-exploration and growth, and I was inspired to stand in my presence and power. As a teacher, I bring community and compassion into every class. I empower my students to let go of fear, and to act from a place of self-love and unconditional compassion for others.

I grew up in the D.C. area and studied Justice and Peace at Georgetown University. I served the greater D.C. community as a volunteer and intern for many non-profits and taught yoga to underserved children through the organization, YoKid. In May of 2016, I moved to Salt Lake City to pursue a job at the International Rescue Committee. Within the first month of living in SLC, I discovered Salt Lake Power Yoga and have been booked since. The SLPY Tribe has become my Utah family, and I am grateful every day to be able to experience and share what I love with this inspiring and welcoming community.

In addition to living and breathing yoga, I love to travel with my family and friends, hike and ski in the mountains, cook delicious vegan dishes, listen to live music, and dance!

I look forwarding to seeing you on your mat soon!

All levels 60 minute SLPY Flow® .

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